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Archive for November 2011

There were times in my life when I believed there could be potential power gained by being invisible. I could have come and gone without asking my parents’ permission. I could have seen any number of movies without paying the price of admission. No one would have known whether I sat through the whole chemistry lecture or not. I was pretty sure it would be cool to be unseen.

Of course I am now all grown up and am very clear that invisibility is not the way to go. I now know that being visible is what gives me power. In fact, the more visible I am, the more I can change my life and the situations in which I find myself. I can tell my story, sing my song, make my point clear…I can make myself as visible as I have to in order to be heard.

How are you seen? How do people know where you are? What you sell? What you have to offer?

Don’t be invisible…it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.