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by David Brown, Owner of USA Print Broker, Inc.

Before starting USA Print Broker, Inc. my career was focused on creating workflow automation software for various industries. At Kindred Healthcare, I co-wrote a workflow system that helped their pharmacy division receive, fulfill and deliver orders to their customers.

The process of workflow automation is the same for all types of business, but the options are limited. When I started USA Print Broker, Inc, we used paper to track each order. The paper forms evolved as we learned how to better track each order. Most printers still use paper to track their orders and workflow since this is the most inexpensive method available. (A robust workflow system can easily cost more than $100,000)

After about six months of tracking on paper, I felt I knew enough about the process to start building our own workflow solution. I started by looking at off-the-shelf software to do this. In each case I saw many areas where we would have to modify our process to fit the software. I decided to create a custom workflow solution that fit the needs of our business and our customers exactly.

Our current system logs each order from our website, phone, fax or email. Each job goes through a flowchart-based process that makes sure an employee signs off on each step. Since there is no paper involved, an order can’t fall behind a desk and be lost forever.

Our productivity increased immediately, and our error rates dropped dramatically. As the years have gone by, I still add new features and improvements to our workflow system. It is just one of the ways we deliver high quality commercial printing to our valued customers.