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Quick! Grab your smartphone! Ready, aim, click…

It’s magic, isn’t it? Suddenly, your phone morphs into a tour guide. Every QR code takes you to another far-off land. You can visit merchants’ websites, see photos and check data on real estate, shop online catalogs, and even tweet about your current location.

So, “QR” these people whose codes are so eager to engage you and your phone? They are the same folks who used to send you direct mail, call your home at dinnertime and spam you on your fax machine.

Ah, but there’s a difference! You get to choose which QR codes to engage. You decide whether or not to take the trip to It’s up to you to choose whether or not your presence at Candy Land is a tweet-worthy piece of information.

Hmmm….interactive marketing. Now there’s a thought! How about a QR code on your business card that can sweep your prospects directly onto your web site? Or how about a QR code attached to that doo-dad you sell which  gives customers all the product specifications they could ever desire? The sky’s the limit.